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Technical Training - Course Development and Delivery

XO Associates LLC is well positioned to develop and deliver training tailored to meet individual customer needs. Whether the need is to educate investors on new areas or technologies or to update the skills of analytical instrument users, XO Associates can provide unique on site, on-line, or on-demand training.

Dr. Klee is a highly effective and engaging teacher with experience in print, on-line, on-demand, live broadcast, and in-person onsite training.

Topical Training
Topic-oriented training is essential for compliance, employee orientation, job responsibility changes and continuing education. Dr. Klee works in conjunction with Analytical Training Services (ATS) to provide on-demand training in gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Please visit https://www.analytical-training-solutions.com/  for these courses as well as by other renown analytical chemists. He also regularly presents topical short courses at international meetings such as PittCon and Eastern Analytical Symposium.

Customized Training
Customized training is designed to address specific client needs. Customized training is cost effective, time efficient, and most effective form of training in terms of sustained impact. XO Associates works with clients to identify needs and then designs and delivers in-house training to meet them. This is especially effective when tied to projects, instruments, practices that are specific to the client and certainly benefits from the necessary involvement of Management in the process.

© XO Associates LLC 2021 - All Rights Reserved
© XO Associates LLC 2021 - All Rights Reserved
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