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Sparation Science

Separation Science for Purification and Analysis

Separation Science is a field of chemistry that deals with the isolation and/or purification of components in a mixture. The major subcategories of separation science are (1) purification/isolation and (2) analytical separations. Purification/isolation includes processes that increase the relative amount of target component(s) in a mixture and/or the process of removing target component(s) from the original matrix. Analytical separations involve techniques to separate or isolate components in a mixture so that they can be identified and/or quantified accurately. XO Associates has expertise that spans all aspects of separation science, including proposing, developing, and validating alternative approaches.

  • Isolation/purification/extraction of natural products (e.g., cannabis, nutraceuticals)
  • Purification of synthetic products (e.g., pharmaceuticals, organics, inorganics)
  • Target component analysis (e.g., pesticides, drugs, active components)
  • Sample characterization (classes, complexity, distribution)
  • Method review, development and validation
  • Optimization strategy
  • Data review

© XO Associates LLC 2021 - All Rights Reserved
© XO Associates LLC 2021 - All Rights Reserved
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