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New Technology Evaluation, Development, and Commercialization

Beware of the impending slow death and circular funding drain associated with choosing a “technology out” business model or seemingly unending and cost-intensive quest of building a visionary new market based on a disruptive new technology on your own. Not that there aren’t things to be learned from these approaches, but they rarely lead to business success.
XO Associates LLC is experienced in best practices for successfully moving new technology innovations into existing market spaces as well as in critically assessing potential new market spaces. Business success is directly related to properly identifying a market need then effectively aligning products to meet the need in a clearly differentiated way with a compelling value proposition. To do that effectively requires critical evaluation of multiple interrelated variables, including current market and market trends, regulations, competitive landscape, user profiles, use environment and constraints, performance, and reliability requirements, etc., all under an umbrella of realistic resourcing and effective project management. XO Associates is ready to help where needed and is especially versed in acting as a third-party reality check on assumptions and plans.
  • Market assessments
  • Competitive landscape
  • Intellectual property positioning
  • Requirements setting
  • Project and introduction planning

© XO Associates LLC 2021 - All Rights Reserved
© XO Associates LLC 2021 - All Rights Reserved
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